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May 14, 2016
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October 15, 2016

Sunscreen – Your lifelong BFF!

Summer beach couple take care of their skin with sunblock lotion of high SPF for maximum protection
Wear your sunscreen! It is as essential as brushing your teeth or wearing deodorant! Whether it is March,  December, September or July, sunscreen is a must for all skin types. Using sunscreen on a daily basis can prevent your skin from aging quickly and can protect you from skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen isn’t enough! You should be wearing your fabulous movie star sunglasses when you are outdoors! Sunglasses can protect the delicate skin around your eyes better than a hat or sunscreen can ever do! Make sure you are choosing sunglasses that have UVA and UVB protection!
Sunscreen and sunglasses should be apart of your daily routine all year long! Looking fab and having gorgeous skin starts with the food you eat! Take care of your skin by eating healthy foods, and avoid sugar and processed foods! Drink lots and lots of water and be good to your body!
Did you know that stress affects more than just your blood pressure? It can affect your skin too! Leave the stress behind and pamper yourself because YOU and your skin deserve the very best!
Having great skin starts with wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, eating healthy and avoiding stress! While it is easier said than done, get in that routine to make your skin too fabulous for words! Schedule some pampering time too!
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