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July 2, 2016
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May 10, 2017
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Have you noticed that when you travel your skin can sometimes freak out a bit?  Your surroundings are different, the weather or climate is different, and even the pollution can be different. And, you aren’t on your normal dietary routine and about to face all the tempting indulgences that you know will soon show on your skin, no matter how good they are at the time – am I right?  It’s not to say that one or the other is better, but it’s just not what you are used to and you have to accommodate.

When you travel, wherever your destination is, the weather, humidity level, the season and even the wind can be factors in how your skin is affected. It’s not to say that when you go somewhere else, you won’t be happy with your skin. However, most of the time a new weather-related setting can cause one’s skin to break out, become dry or even produce more oil. If you are heading somewhere that is on the humid side, perhaps reach for your lighter moisturizer, and if you are off to somewhere that is less humid, grab your heavy moisturizer.

If you are someone who eats incredibly healthy, or if you follow strict rules (like no gluten, no dairy, no wheat, etc.) and you are traveling, it may be hard to stay with that same routine – especially if you are staying with friends or family who don’t eat the same way you do. Remember that a change in diet can cause a change in your skin. If you are going somewhere foreign, know that certain types of food are more prevalent in the diet than you are used to. Example: If you are traveling to Mexico, perhaps you will be eating more corn than you usually do, which turns to sugar.

travel-check-listTraveling can be stressful, especially with a big family or small children. The best thing you can do is plan ahead and don’t wait until the last minute to do anything. Have your suitcase out ahead of time and pack gradually. Make a list of all the things you can think of that you need to pack, including your skincare favorites, oh and underwear to your swimsuits to your phone & electronics’ chargers. Check lists like this one here is super helpful.  If you are traveling somewhere that you plan to visit again, save your list because you can always whip it out in the future and pack again. Because airport food or food on the road (if you are driving) maybe isn’t the healthiest, pick up a few snacks or make a few snacks to take with you – no excuses for eating bad foods while on the go – which can throw your skin out of whack!

All in all, the best thing you can do is be prepared. Make sure you have the right products with you for dry skin, oily skin, humid weather, dry weather, sunscreen, spot treatment, a great moisturizer, sunscreen etc. You should always, always, always speak to your skin guru prior to your trip to make sure you have what you need to have a wonderful trip without any skin issues!

TIP: As part of your travel preparation, book your facial for about 7 days after you return. Or even sooner after a long international flight. Great way to help avoid jet lag and re-hydrate your skin!.


Client Praise:

Happy Client Praise: “I travel a lot and Los Angeles is a regular destination. After 14 hrs of flying you’d think I’d be heading straight for the hotel but my first stop is always to visit the amazing Deborah DePiano. No other way to avoid the ‘jet lag look’, revitalize my skin and feel 10 years younger! I never get sick of the compliments I get either, who would?! All because of your brilliance Deb and great advice on how to maintain great skin during my hectic schedule. Can’t wait to see you again in 2016!” Jamie. xo

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