About Deborah

Early days

Born and raised in Southern California, DePiano earned her aesthetics license in the early 1990s. She began her career as Director of the Skin Care Department at Camden Aesthetic Associations, a group plastic surgery practice in Beverly Hills, doing facial treatments and product consultations for patients before and after their procedures. At the same time, she began a lifetime of skin care research on her own – that included studies at advanced spa programs at Montecatini Termé, Golden Door and Cal-a-Vie – becoming well-versed in both chemical-based and organic skin solutions as well as equipment, treatments and technologies.

On her own

By 1996, she had ventured forth on her own and set up DePiano Skin. Word spread about her customized programs – for both women and men – that combined the latest in skin care science, beauty and technology. In April 1999, American Spa magazine voted DePiano Skin’s Oxygen Facial as one of the Top 7 Facials in the industry.

As new modalities such as LED light therapy, microdermabrasion, live cell therapy and the Organic Boost Facial were introduced to market, De Piano was there to learn it and deliver it to her clientele. At the same time, she was developing the consulting side of her business, advising on aesthetics services, product lines and treatment equipment for spas, salons and medical offices. As Director of Skin and Spa Services from 2005 to 2006, DePiano set up the Skincare Department at the then newly built Argyle Hotel Salon & Spa on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. In 2008 through 2009, she helped launch the Skin Care Division at the Rancho Mirage Women’s Health Center, a medical concierge service in Rancho Mirage, California. Fox News ran segments on DePiano in 2008 (“How to Extend the Life of Your Facial” and 2009 (“The Hangover Facial”).

Client Education

In addition to gifted, healing hands, DePiano knows that key to an aesthetician’s success is the ability to communicate in a clear, coherent way. Deborah DePiano takes pride in her skills in guiding her followers on how to be smart skin care consumers 24-7. She strongly believes that at its best, great skin is a healthy collaboration between the beauty professional and her client.

The Art and Science
of Skincare

First comes the science: It's all about the brain

Deborah DePiano knows everything there is to know about the physiology and function of the skin. Furthermore, she knows what solutions, formulas and techniques work for every kind of complexion you bring her.

Then comes the analysis: It's all about the eye.

Deborah DePiano is a pro at taking what she sees on your skin and translating it into a tailored treatment precisely for you, your needs and your lifestyle.

Finally comes the art: It's all about the hands.

Years of experience have taught Deborah DePiano on how to touch, how to treat, how to comfort and how to nurture the skin.