Customizing and fine tuning a successful treatment designed specifically to the individual is Deborah DePiano’s forte.

We could list an array of wonderful treatments that will give you impressive results and have you feeling relaxed and refreshed but not every treatment is for every skin type. There is so much more to consider when choosing a treatment with long lasting results. In Deborah’s assessment of your skin type, whether you want to treat acne, fine lines, wrinkles, texture, pore size or just want toning, she takes into consideration your diet, your daily routine, the exposure you have to everyday elements and most importantly, builds a treatment specifically for you to get the results you want.

Deborah can then help educate you on a more expanded selection of treatments that she offers and plan for not just immediate results but skin that you can maintain successfully – the main goal, beautiful, youthful, trouble free glowing skin that you are proud of.

Listed below are a few of DePiano Skin’s most popular treatments that will guarantee to address all the problem areas that both men and women look for when maintaining flawless skin.

DePiano Signature Treatment

Indulge yourself, upgrade the appearance of your skin, and take years off your face with Deborah’s most extensive treatment. The DePiano Signature Treatment combines all of Deborah’s protocols in an extended session that will rejuvenate your skin as she educates you about how to obtain and maintain optimal skin health. Deborah’s process includes teaching you about your skin from the inside out, what foods to eat to enhance your skin, what environmental and lifestyle habits contribute to your appearance, and your particular problem areas that need to be addressed. Based on an extensive assessment, Deborah will choose the best treatment/s to include in your Premium Services to leave your skin looking plump, glowing and camera-ready. You will leave armed with a plan for ongoing skin optimization.


Celltressor Treatment

DePiano Skin takes pride in having a finger on the pulse of the latest in products and treatments and this Celltresor Facial is the very latest in the evolution of skin care ingredients that just hit the market. In testing this treatment on her own skin, Deborah was thoroughly impressed by Celltresor as an effective age-defying treatment with high tech compounded active ingredients and formulations that target skincare at the cellular level. It’s a revolutionary salon treatment and an easy to maintain home care regime that helps to reduce facial lines, enhance the skins’ volume and rejuvenate the skin creating a radiant glow.


Photo Rejuvenation

Exclusive to DePiano Skin, this new process uses patented Light and Heat Energy (LHE) in non-ablative, non-invasive procedure that helps soften fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, calm redness, increase elasticity, decrease pore size and improve overall skin tone by stimulating the growth of new collagen. Perfectly safe and an affordable alternate to IPL or laser resurfacing, each treatment concludes with a DNA serum infusion to enhance cellular metabolism. Immediate results include visible firming, tightening with a youthful glow but full results are cumulative, requiring 6 to 8 treatments, done twice a week to take years off your looks.



Dermaplaning - Removes the peach fuzz and dead skin cells to allow better product penetration – your skin will benefit from the deeper layers that breath in nutrients and moisture. It also creates a flawless canvas for makeup and will prepare the skin for sharper more flawless look under harsh lighting and allow you to radiate in photographs, almost like a built in filter. Who doesn’t want to be camera ready these days!



This is the most talked about new treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Micro-channeling is an advanced trans-epidermal delivery system that creates thousands of tiny pathways into the epidermis. The pores are then simultaneously infused with high-grade active solutions supporting healthy collagen and elastin while improving skin’s tone, clarity and texture. An additional infusion uses powerful brightening ingredients to reduce hyperpigmentation caused by UV exposure, pregnancy and hormonal imbalances. It is minimally invasive and the overall result is a youthful glow.


LED Light Therapy

Using LED Light Therapy increases the production of ATP (the energy engine of cells) through concentrated beams of colored light that penetrate deep into the skin. It’s extremely effective to help eradicate acne, improve circulation, oxygenation, reduce inflammation and minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines. Complementing this treatment is the application of growth factors following the procedure. These growth factors stimulate collagen and activate the skins natural regeneration capabilities as well as fighting free radical damage that causes premature aging.


Bonus Add-ons

Luscious Lash and Brow Tinting
Great treat for the summer months to maintain color on your lashes and brows during the months where you are swimming and enjoying extended periods of time in the sun and water. Tinting the lashes is a savvy trick for enhancing and framing your eyes and making your brows a shade or two darker gives your face dimension. Amazing result for those with light colored lashes and brows - a great time saver – wake up looking gorgeous, no need to put on makeup for a quick run to the store, with tinting you are all done! Very easy to apply while you are relaxing during a mask!


DePiano Skin Treatment Packages

There is a smart investment trend that is catching on in the beauty industry and it makes perfect sense! We spend all year long on services to maintain great hair and manicured nails, our favorite products as well as getting regular massages. Just like a gym membership reputable companies allow you to pay a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee to save money on your most worthy investment, YOU - your beauty, health and well-being! Everyone loves a good deal on favorite products and services and you’ll be surprised at how easy the DePiano Skin Treatment packages help you be consistent in your skincare regimes and save you money. Also available in gift packages for a great way to spoil that someone special.